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Vision Statement

A vision is always cast in terms of the future.  It is a mental picture of what tomorrow will look like.  It is a view of a ministry’s future and its exciting possibilities.  The vision for the Church of Christ in Roxbury is to become one family anointed by God to honor Him in holy worship and in holy service.  We are to become a congregation set apart from the world for a life of service in the Kingdom.  1st Corinthians 4:1 charges us to “Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ.”  Our daily living is to be an expression of Romans 12:1, “by the mercies of God we present our bodies as living and holy sacrifices acceptable to God by which we are able to serve Him.”

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Service Times & Directions

Sunday Services

Sunday Bible Study: 9:15 am

Sunday Worship: 10:30 am

Sunday Evening Worship (1st Sunday): 6:00 pm

Sunday Spiritual Development Class: 6:00 pm

Tuesday Services

Prayer Meeting: 7:00 pm

Wednesday Services

Bible Study (all ages): 6:45 pm

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81 Walnut Avenue
Roxbury, MA 02119
(513) 555-7856